An airbag is a safety system meant for vehicles allowing users to get high level protection while riding them. It provides methods to inflate rapidly during an automobile collision that safeguard the side of the body of the seat occupant effectively. The airbags are pillow-like structures which help balance a vehicle during an accident. While most of them provide more advantages to users, they too have some disadvantages. Therefore, it is advisable to know about them in detail before investing money which will help to make the right decision.

Airbags for electric kick scooters

Nowadays, airbags play a key role in protecting the life of users with the latest features enabling them to experience a safe ride. The airbags for electric kick scooters are gaining momentum over the recent years because they give ways to prevent injuries significantly on the rider’s head and chest. On the other hand, it is necessary to evaluate them in detail that can help buy the right one accordingly. Apart from that, the airbags for electric kick scooters make feasible methods to focus more on preventive measures enabling users to overcome complications efficiently.

Autoliv tested a new type of airbag for electric kick scooters

Autoliv recently announced that it tested a concept airbag for electric kick scooters. It will comply with Pedestrian Protection Airbag (PPA) introduced earlier. The airbags for electric scooters will mount on a motor vehicle while the PPA allows users to deploy them along the windshield or A-pillar area. Both of them work well for riders that can provide protection to head and toes. In addition, Autoliv is continuing its work with other partners in the airbag making process. The airbags tested by Autoliv will help to prevent head-to-head collision and other problems while riding a scooter.

Autoliv e-scooter airbag

Honda’s airbags for electric kick scooters

Honda is considering developing airbags for electric kick scooters. In fact, the company is working in collaboration with Autoliv to create a new airbag revolutionary system for electric scooter users. It will protect a rider’s head and torso during certain collisions. The airbag will also have an acceleration sensor that can detect the impact easily at the front of the scooter which reduces unwanted problems. A study revealed that the airbag will lower the injuries of a rider on the roads to ensure peace of mind. At the same time, Honda didn’t announce its production date and showcased the airbags at a meeting in 2017 organized by the company in Tokyo.