Norman the kick scooter riding dog, is a dog 10-year-old Briard breed.
The Briard are known by loyalty, love, and spirit and it's often relate as a "Kind heart full of fur." also the awesome great looks of these strong Frenchmen emit a distinct aura of Gallic romance and style.

Norman with the first kick scooter

But Briard breed aside, Norman the kick scooter riding dog, is very special, mainly because raids a kick scooter, and secondly has a world record!

Norman "The Flintstone car" (source:

All started when Norman, at the time a three-year-old French sheepdog, earned the a special title in Georgia. Norman crossed 30 meters in only 21.75 seconds, crushed the old record by more than nine seconds, and with this Norman the kick scooter riding dog, entered in the Guinness Book of World Records. Norman has been riding the kick scooter since Norman was a puppy. And it all began with a puppy own by Karen Cobb, she described Norman has a human-like Briard, "They naturally want to stick around the family" and it join this family in 2009, at the beginning it started to raid small children cars by the brand Little Tykes with the distinctive red and yellow colours also known as "The Flintstone car".

Karen Cobb and Norman breaking the world record

Then later Karen Cobb, had this situation:

"I had him just follow a treat onto my kid’s scooter and he loved it, so I decided to teach it as a trick."

And from this Karen Cobb teach Norman to raid a kick scooter, and it became viral!