A kick scooter is becoming a popular choice of transport in various nations across the world due to various factors. The kick scooters are growing in the streets of Singapore because they allow users to make a safer ride. In fact, the Singapore Government is considering creating separate lane for electric kick scooters to fulfil the expectations of users. Moreover, the local kick scooter community is very active in the city that guides others to choose a scooter which fits their needs. However, it is necessary to know more about them in detail for gaining more ideas.

The best electric kick scooters for kids and adults in Singapore

1. ABEC 11 foldable kick scooter

ABEC 11 foldable kick scooter allows users to ensure a smooth experience while riding the same on the roads. It is an ideal one for both short and long distance traveling purposes with premium ball bearings and large wheels. Furthermore, the handlebars on the electric kick scooter enable users to adjust them with ease because they are usually made with high-quality materials. In addition, the board on the scooter makes it possible to place the feet comfortably for overcoming unwanted issues.

2. Glideco Cruiser 230 kick scooter

Glideco Cruiser 230 kick scooter is the best option for long travel purposes. The outer side of the scooter is well-protected by scratch resistant finishes. Apart from that, the front of the scooter has a good suspension system that allows users to make a ride even on bumpy roads without any difficulties. Another thing is that it gives ways to move on the roads at faster speeds with large wheels. It even comes with a shoulder trap allowing users to carry the same with ease.

3. Razor Jr T3 scooter for kids

Razor Jr T3 scooter is a well-known brand in Singapore meant for kids enabling them to make a safe ride on the roads. The scooter is one of the stable models designed for kids to control and balance the same easily. Furthermore, the scooter is a perfect choice for those who want to learn scooter learning in simple steps.

4. GenConnect foldable kick scooter

The GenConnect foldable electric kick scooter is a suitable one for both kids and adults that can travel up to 2 times faster than old electric kick scooters. It comes with the latest technologies enables users to expect good stability when they want to travel on uneven pavements. Besides that, the scooter can carry a load up to 100 kilograms. The handlebar on the scooter enables users to adjust the same accordingly.