One of the fastest production gas kick scooter in the market is the X-Treme XG-575-DS Kick Gas Scooter. The X-Treme XG-575-DS has not one but two Speed gearbox, front and rear vented disk brakes, it can go up to 35 mph (or 53 km/h), with one tank of gasoline it goes more than 20 miles (or 32 km), the drive system is a reliable chain with one touch adjusting for easy maintenance.

The throttle control is very easy to use it has a variable speed control a simple thumb type, and it comes with a nice front and rear suspension arm with a shock absorber.

This model has a perfect balanced 50 cc two stroke engine that is a signature used in the series A-Blaze, this is a EPA certified gasoline engine and the transmission is patented by Puzey has a two Speed Shifter transmission.

Two stoke engine

The tires are air filled 11 inch (or 27.94 cm) KNOBBY, they are good looking oversized KNOBBY tires, and the Shock Suspension it aids the raider for a smooth and soft drive, even if he makes some jumps.

For the maintenance keep in mind that a two stroke engines require that you mix two cycle oil with the gasoline, this is easy to do because this kick scooter comes with a fuel to oil mixing bottle totally provided in the package.

There is room for improvement this kick scooter doesn't have an electric started you have to use a rope like a chainsaw but, it kinda feels nice.

A nice plus is the fact we could easy go above the 35 mph even if the factory says it's limited.

Over all this Gas powered kick scooter is joyful to drive, if you like kick scooters and the smell of gas in the air you will also enjoy it!