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My name is Bruno Vieira, I'm 41 years old, I live in Cascais and I'm a computer technician.

Eixoduro: When did you have your first contact with the world of scooters?
Bruno Vieira: I bought my first scooter in July 2017.

Eixoduro: What was your first scooter?
Bruno Vieira: A Xiaomi M365 Chinese Version.

Eixoduro: What is your current scooter?
Bruno Vieira: After Xiaomi, I bought the FLJ T11 and I currently have a Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Plus.

Eixoduro: Have you ever modified any scooter? what kind of modification?
Bruno Vieira: Yes.

In the Xiaomi I did several thing's, changed the rear tire size to 10’’, increased the size of the parking standoff lever, changed the braking system into an x-tech pump instead of a cable, changed the firmware and the rear mudguard.

In FLJ I improved the front suspension by changing the suspension bolts and put an extra Torchlight in the front and the handlebars were changed to improve handling.

FLJ T11 com alguns melhoramentos

I still haven't done any modifications to the Wolf.

Eixoduro: What is your favorite scooter?
Bruno Vieira: Weped RR.

Weped RR

Eixoduro: What was the maximum distance you did on a scooter?
Bruno Vieira: Around 35 km.

Eixoduro: And maximum speed?
Bruno Vieira: I think this information isn't good for the public community to know, but there, I did 75 km/h.

Eixoduro: Currently on the market for you what is the best price-quality scooter?
Bruno Vieira: If you want a portable scooter to put in the trunk of the car and do a few kilometers it will be the Xiaomi M365, if it is something more powerful, letting go of a bit in portability, then a Janobike I would say.

Eixoduro: Do you think Portugal is well prepared to receive "scooter's enthusiast's"?
Bruno Vieira: No, there are few bike lanes and the mentality of most drivers does not allow us to ride safely on the roads.

I speak on roads, because with a more powerful scooter like a FLJ or a Kaabo, the speeds you can reach it's no logger a ride for the bike paths.

Eixoduro: What type of protection do you use?
Bruno Vieira: I wear a motorcycle helmet, jacket and gloves. When there are longer rides, I use also elbow pads and knee pads.

Eixoduro: Thank you Bruno Vieira! For you time and dedication in sharing this amazing testimonial of your amazing  experience with us.