A fun ride

The first time I tried one of this machines was on a rental ride, I never experienced any thing like that before, so this was my first ride in a kick scooter, I was in love.

You've seen them every where, different models different brands, same concept, micro mobility, and a fun ride if your with friends or a significant other.

Boasting a whooping 25 km/h speed ( if you didn't change the factory settings to 34 km/h) and a range of 40 km on a single charge (if your not constantly going full throttle), full of shinny led lights that can be changed in the phone app makes the kick scooter Ninebot ES4 a very good and very trilling ride if your having fun and a very versatile ride if your commuting to work.

ES4 vs older model

Since they launched the version with both front and rear shock observers the ride is more comfortable and make it easier to traverse the dangers of pot holes and stone pavements (My first ride was on a stone pavement without shock-absorbers ohhh god).

A folding mechanism that allows the scooter to be locked in a small form factor, permits for a easy to storage solution and also to enter into elevators or other means of transportation by carrying it in an upwards position.

Charging, the bane of all electrics... charging from zero to full takes almost 8 hours with the original charger (42V 2A), roughly 4.5 hours from a 50% charge, so plan ahead take your charger with you if you know you are going use it,  (charge it every time you can), because time is money and every little bit of charging helps, don't let your self go bellow 10% charge you will get a major decrease in performance and battery life spawn.

Now for the low's, the machine in my opinion as a major flaw, and that is the folding mechanism being placed in a hard structural point, over time and with usage, the hits and tumbles it will suffer, will eventually give the mounting screws and shaft some slack, this can be in some part fixed with tightening them, but the slack with be always there.

Making the ride creak and crack with every turn or shift in weight of your body allied to the high center of mass it as, due to the high position of main battery and external battery in the steering column can make in some cases turning difficult and balancing for less experienced people.

This is one of the reasons that you now see every one of the new scooters having a folding mechanism higher in the steering column and the battery pack inside the plank where you place your feet, lowering the center of mass and removing the wear and tear of the mechanism that has to support the full weight of the ride and bumps of the road.