The electric kick scooters are a perfect choice for daily commuting purposes allowing a person to reach a place with ease. A number of electric kick scooter startups have emerged in recent years for fulfilling the needs of users. Moreover, they are making money in the same way like Uber car sharing platforms. They even developed mobile apps for all mobile phone users to track shared electric kick scooter services in a location with ease.

Here are the top 5 most successful companies that offer the best electric kick scooter ride sharing system.

1. Bird

Bird is a leading electric kick scooter manufacturing firm based in Santa Monica, California which developed a scooter ride-sharing platform that comes with the latest features. Some ot them include Real-time GPS tracking, smart lock, QR code integration for locking and unlocking, maps to find nearby scooters, and payment gateway integration.

People can even download the app on their mobile phones allowing them to choose a scooter which suits their ride. Apart from that, the company already raised more funds in venture capitals for expanding its operations in European markets to generate high revenues.

2. Lime

Lime is a San Francisco electric scooter company that offers a ride sharing mobile platform in more than 50 cities across the world. It allows users to find a nearby electric scooter that give ways to unlock a ride with QR code scanning applications. With Lime sharing platform, it becomes a simple one to ensure a ride safely on the roads.

3. Wind Mobility

Wind mobility is an electric scooter company started by Eric Wang in 2017. It is a Berlin and Barcelona mobility firm that raised $ 50 million through Series A funding. The company also offers a scooter riding platform allowing users to search for the nearby scooters easily. Users can even download the Wind Mobility app from app stores after knowing the instructions.

4. Voi

Voi is a Sweden based electric kick Scooter Company that raised nearly $85 Million from investors. Users can install the app on their mobile phones and create an account in simple steps that help find a nearby scooter in quick turnaround time.

5. Tier Mobility

Tier Mobility is a Berlin based startup that operates large number of electric kick scooters in the markets. The ride sharing app developed by the company enables users to make a smooth ride on Germany roads. In addition, it is aiming to expand the operations in other parts of Europe.